Using Spreadsheets As Your CRM?

Spreadsheets have been around since the 80's

Still using spreadsheets as your CRM? Now days businesses experience serious data integrity and compliance risks with vital IP stored on numerous desktops, mobile devices

Okay, spreadsheets are shareable, but it doesn’t mean they are a great tool for collaboration. The process of tracking, editing or reviewing spreadsheets is inefficient at best. The headache of managing sales/contact management activities restricts what your team accomplish


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Fast forward to 2019

The Excel spreadsheet have become the work-around tool because it’s less intimidating than learning a new program.

Excel spreadsheets simply won’t help you retain and win business like Exsalerate CRM

Scalable, repeatable sales process

Building a scalable, repeatable sales process is the most important thing you can do for your sales team. Nothing in an Excel spreadsheet that can replicate it

Exsalerate CRM identifies activities that create the best results and turns those sales methods into a process your reps can follow. Set expectations, train sales people and streamline efforts with a consistent platform that gives your salesforce the confidence to retain and win more business


Continuity of service with no loose ends


Viewing a concise timeline of every interaction your business has had with a prospect/customer eliminates the need to rifle through ad-hoc Excel spreadsheet notes before a sales call is made.

Exsalerate CRM assigns activities to follow up prospects to another team member without needing to explain the history. If a colleague leaves, simply transfer all their customer history, to do tasks to another user with the click of a button. Providing clients with continuity of service with no loose ends.

Scalable, Repeatable Sales Process

Know what is closing and when

It’s onerous looking at columns, rows and pages of spreadsheet data to produce a forecast or analysis of sales opportunities you have in progress. Exsalerate CRM provides an easily digestible view of sales information in a visual colour coded drag and drop format. You know the deals that are closing when and where your salesforce are working to achieve budget. The team trades notes, receives notifications customers requires attention and collaborate to move prospects through each stage of the sales pipeline

Custom Webforms

Proactive account management


The Excel spreadsheet fails to notify you if an A ranked client hasn’t been contacted in a while or an activity is overdue. Exsalerate CRM gives your sales team control over ‘their’ data, time-saving sales automation and simple to interpret sales performance analytics to enable proactive account management. Stand-out sales performance can also be recognised and rewarded in real-time to keep staff motivated to retain and win more business.

Connect your apps for an enterprise level solution

No more missed opportunities

Whilst the introduction of online CRM software can feel overwhelming for small business owners. Exsalerate CRM was built from a business need so it’s practical and simple to navigate. It’s more secure than spreadsheets, is easily shared between employees and links to other programs to create an enterprise solution at a fraction of the cost.

Your team will no longer endure the lost productivity and frustration of searching or sorting mammoth spreadsheets. Most importantly no more missed opportunities!

With no hooks and no tiers all users also benefit from ongoing updates and new features being released in order to support the growth of your business.

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