Product Updates

Product Updates

We're always releasing new features so check back soon.

Outlook Calendar

Exsalerate now integrates with Outlooks Calendar so meetings created in Outlook can be sent to Exsalerate. 

Google Calendar

Exsalerate now integrates with Google Calendar so meetings created in Google can be sent to Exsalerate. 

Stakeholder Activities

When a colleague sets you as a stakeholder in an activity Exsalerate now displays this on your To-do list, note this will always be purple no matter when the activity is due.

We have updated the company dashboard in Exsalerate,  you can now link individual contacts (people) across multiple companies  but other than this all features reamain the same, we have simply improved the way we display this information

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Optimise Your Route

Exsalerate will optimise your travel route so you can make effective use of your time on the road

Find Companies Near You

Maximise your customer face time when on sales calls by finding other companies near your location

Lead Capture Forms

Exsalerate forms now provide more comprehensive lead capture options including dropdown menus, opt in checkboxes and file upload options so you can capture more information from new leads

Outlook CRM integration

Outlook 365 for Business

File emails from your Outlook inbox to the relevant Exsalerate client profile. Add new contacts, customers and set followup activities so nothing slips through the cracks.

Gmail Extension

Retain and win more business with our Gmail Extension. File emails from Gmail automatically, add new contacts and set follow up activities so nothing falls through the cracks.

Voice Recordings

Use Siri or Google Assist to record notes from a meeting and have them converted to text