WorkflowMax + Exsalerate

Combine the power of Exsalerate and WorkflowMax for an enterprise solution

Track the lifetime journey of your customers

 From when they first enter their details on your website’s contact page, through your sales process, prospecting, quoting, winning the business, and how long it’s been since your team connected.

Import Customers

Import all your customers from Workflow Max to Exsalerate

Create New Jobs

Close a deal in Exsalerate, add them to WFM, create a job, assign an account manager, choose the correct template and click To Do

Import Exisiting Jobs

Pull through all your existing WFM jobs to Exsalerate

Sync Contacts

Contacts added to WFM are automatically synced to Exsalerate

To Do Lists

Follow up every quote issued via WFM via Exsalerate's To Do list


View a range of reports to give you insights as to what it costs to service your business

Connect WorkflowMax to easily manage workflow, budgeting, time and profitability.
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