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"Accessible, manageable information is a powerful point of difference"
Phil Coutts
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Our Story

In 2011 CEO and founder of Urgent Couriers NZ, Steve Bonnici searched for a customer management system to improve his sales team's effectiveness on the road, this resulted in a range of expensive, non-user-friendly CRM systems his sales team would hate. Built initially to satisfy the needs of a parcel delivery company the thinking quickly changed with the power of integrations with Xero, Workflow Max, and Mailchimp resulting in the development of the award-winning Exsalerate App.

Exsalerate Online CRM System
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Sales and account management tools that

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About Us

Our Leadership Team

Steve Bonnici

Founder & Leader
An early adopter of tech, Bonnici recognised the power a cloud based CRM could bring to his transport business (Urgent Couriers) after a fruitless search for a 'simple to use', 'affordable' tool his team would actually use he decided to developed his own. Borne from an actual 'business need' the award winning Exsalerate CRM app has revolutionised the way SME's look after their customers on a global scale.

George Hampton

General Manager
George has a passion for helping businesses grow with a background in SAAS working with Xero and the NZ Companies Offices he has been an integral part of the Exsalerate’s exciting journey to date.

Garry Fraser

Head of Development
Full stack C# .Net and Xamarin developer - from backend to frontend and everything in between. Gary has been with Exsalerate since it's inception, creating and continually enhancing a sales and account management software tool that has helped revolutionise the way that businesses interact with clients.
We are a rapidly expanding new business and finding that we have ever-changing needs that are rapidly met by the George and his team at Exsalerate. Looking forward to this continued growth and partnership for years to come! Highly recommended.
John Riemelmoser
ScreenAway Pty Ltd