Clean Your CRM Database

 The purpose of a CRM is to present one source of truth about your customers If we rely on what’s kept on spreadsheets or in people’s heads, we risk valuable relationships being lost. A CRM keeps track of all client … Read More

Refresh Your Sales Process

Centering your sales process around the needs of your customers It isn’t always the sales process that’s the issue, rather the sales team isn’t actioning the type of activities that result in winning business  A CRM allows you to drill … Read More

Driving Sales Velocity

How fast are you making money? The quicker you push opportunities through your sales pipeline the more you invoice within a given period.   The key is knowing the deals to focus efforts on and what to let go of so … Read More

Why You Need A CRM

How many opportunities have you missed? Customers are the lifeblood of every organisation and the money they spend is the oxygen that enables the business to exist, grow and thrive. The last thing anyone needs is to lose ‘customers’ – … Read More

Capture Leads From Your Website

Capture ‘qualified leads’ directly from your website  An Exsalerate webform running 24/7 on your site automates the process of capturing leads and assigning follow up activities for team members to connect them Nothing slips through the cracks Track the progress … Read More

Exsalerate CRM + WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax CRM Integration with Exsalerate A powerful enterprise solution at a fraction of the cost Customer Relationship Management or CRM is vital to win more business and maintain existing customers so they do business with you today and in the … Read More

Using Spreadsheets As Your CRM?

Still Using Excel Spreadsheets? Excel – CRM of the 80’s The Excel spreadsheet has been the ultimate workaround tool because it’s less intimidating than learning a new program Fast forward to 2020, today’s modern remote working environment, businesses leave themselves … Read More