Account Management

It costs 5 to 25 times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep your exisiting ones happy

Repeat business forms the backbone for companies to survive and thrive. So if you’re not talking to your customers your competitors are
To maintain a competitive edge it’s vital owners proactively identify potential issues or threats in order to defend key accounts and prevent customer churn.  


When was the last time you spoke to your customers and what did you say ?

So why rely on bits of paper, diary notes and a sea of uncoordinated emails to measure the quality and frequency of communication with our most valuable customers? 


Jill Avery, Senior Lecturer Harvard Business School states, by the time you see an increase in customer churn rate it is six or eight months after the point in time when you actually failed the custom

Preventing the churn

The power of cloud-based Exsalerate CRM software lies in our unique two pronged approach to both customer acquisition and retention.


Underpinned with deep integrations with Xero and WorkflowMax the account management dashboard reveals the lifetime value of every customer (no rose tinted glasses ) with comparative sales over four key periods. Users are prompted with colour coded calls to ‘action activities’ to ensure you keep your most valuable customers happy.


The Account Management dashboard displays clients by:

How long it’s been since your team have been in contact with customers:

  • 3 Months Plus 
  • 2-3 Months
  • 1-2 Months 
  • Current Month

Customers are segmented and sorted by:

  • Rank 
  • Region
  • Account Manager
  • Product Share 
  • If an activity has been scheduled 

The power of Exsalerate CRM unleashed


Built from a business need, the Exsalerate Account Management Dashboard allows management to identify if an account manager is performing the activities required to grow repeat business and foster loyalty. 

Add to this the ability to review current product mix and identify alternative revenue streams within your portfolio you have all the ingredients required to maximise customer lifetime value to your business. 

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