Exsalerate CRM + WorkflowMax

A powerful enterprise solution at a fraction of the cost

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is vital to win more business and maintain existing customers so they do business with you today and in the future

Built from an ‘actual’ business need Exsalerate is designed to help your track leads through your pipeline, create jobs in WorkflowMax and nurture relationships moving forward into the future.  

Exsalerate will look after client on-boarding and Account Management, connect WorkflowMax to manage workflow, budgeting, time and profitability, then complete the picture by integrating Xero and you’ve suddenly got an enterprise solution at a fraction of the cost

Your team can prioritise their day, be reminded to follow-up on leads and recognised and rewarded in real time for closing deals. Important customer relationships are flagged and activities prompted to drive new opportunities through the sales pipeline.

Exsalerate simply becomes the hub where ‘all’ your lead/customer information is stored. 


WorkflowMax CRM Integration

Who is your most valuable customer and when did you last interact with them?  

You would be surprised how many managers or business owners can’t answer this question.

The Account Management dashboard was created is to ensure customers feel the LOVE they deserve. So Exsalerate groups them into 4 columns based on how long it’s been since your team contacted them.

Users view comparative sales graphs across four key periods for each of their clients. So it’s simple to see if customers are spending more or less compared to the same period last year

Account Management Dashboard

Newfound Distributors Ltd became more proactive engaging with customers by leveraging Exsalerate real time sales data.

"We love the way it ties in account management and sales in one dashboard so you can see which are your biggest clients . How long it has been since you last spoke with them and links you to your last conversation. Makes a salesman's life too easy."
Steve Doedens
Newfound Distributors Ltd

The Terrabyte team drove revenue by identifying additional opportunities with existing clients.

"Exsalerate gives our account managers a clear picture of what clients spend with us and a real time picture of what products are growing, decreasing as well as opportunities to sell additional products the client is not using".
Doug Hana
Terrabyte Ltd

The Exsalerate CRM sales process is repeatable and scalable, so your team have a clear framework to follow. 

For instance, when an opportunity is won users add the company directly to WorkflowMax, choose a job template and assign it to a team member to follow up. 

The opportunity pops into the sales pipeline and Exsalerate highlights if it’s taking longer than expected to progress activities planned to win the business.

Therefore reducing data entry, freeing your team to focus on what’s really important. 


ales pipeline
Drag and drop leads/opportunities as they progress through your sales pipeline

For the 24-strong team The Utility Company in Auckland, Exsalerate has solved a real business problem.

“WOW - What a difference EXSALERATE has made to our business both in terms of the CRM functionality as well as Workflow Management. In this day and age accessible, manageable information is a powerful point of difference. EXSALERATE has empowered everyone in our team (24) to make more informed decisions when dealing with our Clients and Prospects. The integration with WorkflowMax has also helped us cater for the rapid growth we are currently experiencing.”
The Utility Company Ltd
Phil Coutts

Everyone will LOVE working from the same page with Exsalerate’s beautiful To-Do list

Users drag & drop activities to reorganise their day, assign activities to other team members and every time an activity is completed Exsalerate prompts the user to create their next interaction.

Each time an activity is completed users are prompted to create their next activity.

Stephen Pilcher from VTG Waste & Recycling Ltd has found the To Do List to be his new best friend.

"The colour coding & flow of work makes keeping on top of everything a breeze and the To Do list is my best friend how did I ever manage without it"?
Stephen Pilcher
VTG Waste Ltd

You can also set activity based KPI’s for each user so you can see exactly who has done what across your team in order to motivate, recognise and reward your high achievers.

Save valuable time and follow through on every opportunity with custom webforms that flow directly to your Exsalerate sales pipeline with follow up activities assigned to a specific user. 

The simple click of a button generates realtime sales data reports that can be filtered and manipulated in order for you to gain real insight into your business. 

Connect WorkflowMax Here

The power of Exsalerate’s CRM’s integration with WorkflowMax means you track the lifetime journey of your customers. This starts from when they enter their details on your website’s contact page, through your sales process, prospecting, quoting, winning the business, and how long it’s been since your team connected. A hub of information every touchpoint is recorded in Exsalerate + WorkflowMax.

Mark Ealam from The Skool Loop App Ltd sums it up:

"A blessing for our business seamlessly and effortlessly combining all information into useful data which has improved our client relationships with our sales team". - Mark Ealam
Mark Ealam
Skool loop Ltd

In conclusion what’s not to LOVE about Exsalerate and WorkflowMax!?

To learn more about how Exsalerate works with WorkflowMax check out this quick demo or visit the Exsalerate website to start a free trial.

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